Books: Quentin De Briey

Taken during a trip to Bali, Lombok and the Gili islands during 2017, Quentin documented his trip along the way to create a series of observations, which give a more human and honest insight into what it’s like to travel in this part of the world. The Fashion Eye book series, published by Louis Vuitton has become a travel guide of sorts, creating a welcome extension to the more literal guide that they produce for various cities around the world. While this book is arguably useful, the photography book series is more inspiring and perhaps more in line with the brand’s values. 

Coming into the world of photography via skateboarding, an all too familiar story admittedly, Quentin De Briey’s sensitivity towards colour, spontaneity and documentation has seen him rise to have a firmly cemented career. While he works with many commercial clients, he has also published five monographs, some of which made in collaboration with Yvon Lambert in Paris.

Bali by Quentin De Briey is available for purchase inside Louis Vuitton stores worldwide.