Film: Gran Canaria

We take a trip, loaded up with as many rolls of 16mm, 35mm and 120 film we can fit in our bags along with a Bolex, Mamiya RZ67 and a Nikon F5 to be shown the unbeaten path of the well trodden holiday location, Gran Canaria. We teamed up with local skateboarder Diego Cano to find spots which would otherwise be completely undiscovered organically, finding ourselves in mountain roads and hidden full-pipes to skate and shoot. 

Shot on Kodak 16mm 250D, Kodak Portra 35mm / 120 with cine developing and transfer by Cinelab in London and stills developed with Chan Photographic, also in London.  

mamiya rz67 pro II kodak portra 400

bolex 16mm PL Mount gran canaria

Shot on Mamiya RZ67 Pro II / 110mm f/2.8

gran canaria 35mm contact sheet
Shot on Nikon F5 / 85mm f/1.4 

gran canaria bolex

D.O.P. Mikey Simpson on location in Gran Canaria with a custom PL mount Bolex camera. 

skateboarding full pipe gran canaria bolex 35mm 
Dir: Jonnie Craig
Dop: Mikey Simpson
Music: Viljam Nybacka 
Talent: Diego Cano