Exhibition: Davide Sorrenti

Davide Sorrenti’s exposure to the arts combined with an unusually advanced perspective on life, owing to his having been born with a rare and dramatically life shortening blood condition, created an environment which would see Davide rise to notoriety in the blink of an eye. Davide’s short life expectancy led him to embrace a kind of fatalism; that if it were to be all over in a matter of weeks, months or years then he should live every second of it to a degree which would have floored most healthy individuals.

His photography is largely accredited with having partially created the 90s ‘Heroin Chic’ trend; a topic which would become global news, with the Bill Clinton involving himself during his presidency to express his concern over the danger of glamorising drugs. His prolificacy during his short life has left behind it an iconic body of work which is still today as poignant as it ever was. The work was briefly shown during the 2022 Milan fashion week at Spazio Maiocchi comprised of prints, notebooks and collages. 

"Davide was at the epicentre of the New York Underground, He was by far the coolest person I ever met, with an infectious energy that touched everyone." 
Jefferson Hack - CEO Dazed & Confused


"Davide Sorrenti was and is forever my first love, my partner and my best friend. He could see things others could not. The mystical, the nuanced, the joy, he saw something through you. Everything was sacred and held value for him. Only someone who lived on the precipice of knowing how fleeting this life is can understand the stunning weight of each moment's beauty."
Jamie King - Actor / Model

"He changed a lot of people's lives. He changed my life, and he'll continue to do so. It's not all black and white, it's not this and not that, it's not one way or another, it's everything put together to make a person real. And I think that's what Davide was always searching for, real people like he called them, you're real people, you're good people. That's all he wanted in life, to be surrounded by real good people. And I think he was."
Milla Jovovich - Actor / Model

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