Portfolio: Tim Barber

Tim Barber is a name which many in the photography scene will be familiar with, either for his work as a photographer or that of a curator, photo-editor or model; if it’s fair to use the term. Gaining a name for himself during one of many golden eras of downtown New York, alongside artists like Ryan Mcginley, Dash Snow and Dan Colen to name a few. Born in Massachusetts, Tim studied photography in Vancouver, Canada after which relocating to New York where he spends the majority of his time working on editorial, commercial and personal projects.

Arguably, one of Tim’s most notable projects was in the online space, creating a platform called Tinyvices; an online curatorial project which featured many up and coming photographers, many of which were yet to have their break. The website became a reference point for art directors, creatives and commissioners alike and would go on to do exhibitions internationally. 

Tim’s personal photography work is thoughtful, somber and sometimes funny. His observations of the bizarre, the unusual and the beautiful come together in eclectic collections which somehow lace together as one body of work. 

To see more of Tim's work, please visit his website by clicking here